Games 19.05.2022

Secret Mode announces two new partnerships

Sumo Group’s publishing division Secret Mode has announced two new partnerships with indie developers Moon Lagoon and Billy Goat Entertainment. 

Texas-based developer Moon Lagoon will see Secret Mode take over the responsibility of publishing the upcoming creature-raising survival game Loddlenaut. This cosy, ocean-cleaning game was first revealed in 2021's Wholesome Direct conference and was subsequently funded through Kickstarter in July 2021 – with the full game set to launch on PC and Mac in 2023.

Loddlenaut's announcement made a big splash with everybody in the office," says Paige Dolan, Greenlight Manager at Secret Mode. "When Secret Mode was founded last year, our core identities were wrapped up in the lines: 'We believe that games are for everyone, and that creativity has no limits. We believe quality and fun are everything.'Loddlenaut completely encapsulates those values. Combined with the game's messaging about climate care - a topic very close to the heart of our team - Loddlenaut is the perfect title to join the Secret Mode ranks.”

Secret Mode’s new joint operation with Belfast developer Billy Goat Entertainment, meanwhile, comprises two titles.

First of all, Billy Goat Entertainment’s debut 2016 adventure game, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING, has joined Secret Mode’s catalogue on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Celebrated by media and fans alike for its cutting satire and inventive twist on the graphic adventure genre, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING follows the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted colleague, Aled, as they travel through the cosmos in search of planets to claim for a new Galactic British Empire.

The publishing partnership also extends to a new, high-energy action game for PC and consoles. Covert development is well underway, and this new experience will be unveiled at a later date.

“Recognised for its fantastic work on Her Majesty’s SPIFFING, Billy Goat Entertainment represents one of the most exciting emerging development talents within the UK,” says James Schall, Director of Publishing at Secret Mode. “Comedy and satire are hard to master in the realm of video games, but Billy Goat Entertainment has perfected this craft and is well on track to blend these skills with a first-class action experience set to amaze players. Everybody within Secret Mode is delighted to partner with the Billy Goat Entertainment team, and we couldn’t sign our partnership forms quickly enough.”

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