Our Targets

Our targets for 2021 are focused on reducing the Group’s carbon emissions and setting clear and achievable targets from our initial Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report

Our first published Streamlined Energy and Carbon report will provide a baseline to measure our success in reducing our carbon emissions against.

CO2 Emissions

We are committed to achieving a 5% reduction in net CO2 emissions across the Group to benefit the environment.

Renewable Electricity

We will make sure all electricity contracts that we control are with renewable sources to help reduce our environmental impact.

ISO 14001:2015

We have assessed the IS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard with a view to implement to help us achieve our targets for improvement.

Our Community Impact

We aim to inspire young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries through our outreach and engagement programmes

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Ahead Partnership

Continuing to develop meaningful programmes and initiatives that make an impact where we live, work and our skills base can be of use.

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Sumo Academy

Investing in our transformative initiatives for under-represented minorities & young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries.

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Giving our people and studios the opportunity to engage in causes that matter.

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